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Generic Mod Enabler V2.6.0.157 15 (Updated 2022)

Feb 14, 2013 Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157 [C:UBISOFTGAMESSH3MODS] V2.0 in the works ;) First 100 downloads have a chance to win a surprise gift ;). Nov 18, 2012 From the current releases- you will need to have a /MODS folder from previous versions. With no previous versions, you will need the original executable files. May 21, 2012 The very first release, you can download it HERE. How to install - download the executable. Save the file to your HDD, then open it with notepad. Just add your own /MODS folder inside the original, and use that name in the path. Dec 2, 2011 This is a new version of the mod. New features and bugs fixed. Nov 19, 2011 I have updated the mod to the latest version. This version is quite unstable. The most likely cause of instability is that you are using some of my version of the.cod files to make the executable. This is very likely, so please remove the old files. Sept 21, 2011 I have fixed a lot of problems in the previous release of the mod. Installation is quite easy, follow this: 1. Download and unzip the executable file in the following format: 2. Unzip the contents of the archive in any folder you want, we will use the "K:/" folder of our PC 3. Run the executable 4. Click on the "Edit" button, and then click on the "Add Mod Saves" button 5. From the list of mods, locate the one you want to install, and then click on "Import" 6. You will be asked if you want to move the file to its new location, just click on "Yes" 7. Your mod files are now installed on your PC. To use them, simply select the mod from the list, and then click on "Open" Saves that are added manually are not guaranteed to work. To add a save manually, use the following: 1. Open the game 2. Select the "Edit" button and then "Add Save" 3. Locate the save you want to add, then click on the "Import" button This will not replace an existing mod, just add the save to it. Sept 7, 2011 I ac619d1d87

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